The research of the Institute of Structural Lightweight Design is dedicated to the development of lightweight concepts for industrial applications. The objective is the development of design solutions which make components and component groups lighter, more compact, more structurally stable, free of vibration and noise. According to all these considerations, todays ecological demand for technical solutions of which production, operation and recycling is resource-saving, is also respected.

With a focus on applications in mechanical and civil engineering, mechatronics, automotive and aerospace engineering the research covers the following topics:

  • Static strength and fatigue life analysis of lightweight structures
  • Computer-aided methods for design and structural analysis
  • Optimization of lightweight components and constructions
  • Technical and physical properties of lightweight materials
  • Composite materials, composite of materials and joining technologies
  • Smart Structures Technologies and Structural Health Monitoring

To develop verified lightweight design solutions and validated calculation procedures, but also to fundamentally understand structural behavior analytical, numerical and experimental methods are applied in a balanced way.

Research Documentation of the Institute of Structural Lightweight Design

Current research projects:

Structural Health Monitoring and Structural Strength Control

The current research area of structural health monitoring (SHM) is limited to the damage diagnosis, which is usually only a detection (If the structure is damaged?), localisation (Where is it damaged?), quantification (How big is the damage?) and qualification (Which kind of damage?) of a damage. More information

Crash elements

The aim of this project is to develop thin-walled profiles (crash elements) which can be used to evaluate and assess the crash potential of advanced high-strength steels (AHSS) with a minimum influence of the geometry More information

Steel-FRP Hybrids

In modern car bodies various materials like steel, aluminum, plastics, fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) and many others are used in different specifications and volumes. More information

Moveable Bin

The intention of the present project is the development of a new generation of stowage compartment for hand luggage in civil, single aisle aircrafts. The project is funded and carried out in close partnership with the aircraft industry. More information