Moveable Bin

Development of a moveable overhead stowage compartment

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The intention of the present project is the development of a new generation of stowage compartment for hand luggage in civil, single aisle aircrafts. The project is funded and carried out in close partnership with the aircraft industry. Special challenges to the constructive lightweight design are primary the use of modern lightweight materials as well as the development of an optimized structure that meets all the requirements of a modern aircraft.

Main tasks of our department

  • Development and evaluation of design concepts
  • Interface organisation
  • Design and optimization of the structure by the use of Finite Element Method (FEM)
  • Experimental validation of calculations

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Beside the development tasks the IKL is dedicaded to find new methods for the optimization of sandwich structures against impact damage. Considered materials vary from classical aluminium to modern lightweight materials as fibre-reinforced polymers. The research focus is the optimization of the structure under consideration of impact dynamics that are close to the reality. The analysis includes analytical and numerical methods as well as static and dynamic impact tests in order to indetify the relevant system parameters for the aimed optimization task.